Health & Wellness

Fitness Centers

The YMCA is home to the largest selection of Cardiovascular Equipment (150 pieces) in the region. Each piece has personalized TV´s attached to enhance your work-out experience. The YMCA also offers comprehensive free-weight rooms association-wide and has 10 Weight Circuits to meet your weight training goals. The YMCA healthy living initiative is for all ages and is proud to be a Silver Sneakers site.

 Group Fitness Classes

If Group Fitness Classes are your thing, then the YMCA is the place for you. Every branch offers group exercise classes to meet every individual´s fitness goals. We offer a full-line of group exercise classes including Les Mils BodyPump, Zumba, boot camp, spinning, yoga, water fitness, senior fitness and youth classes. Group fitness classes are free for YMCA members. Non-members must purchase a day pass to attend classes.

 Personal Training

The YMCA offers free weight training orientations to set you up on the perfect program and offers Personal Training at all branches for individuals wanting that extra motivation and attention. Individuals may train alone, as a couple or with a group of 3-4.

30 Minute Sessions
Adult Senior Couple Group
1 visit $27 $25 $32 $43
3 punch $79 $73 $95 $126
5 punch $130 $120 $150 $198
10 punch $250 $230 $264 $360
1 Hour Sessions
Adult Senior Couple Group
1 visit $45 $42 $54 $72
3 punch $132 $123 $158 $211
5 punch $220 $200 $250 $330
10 punch $420 $390 $440 $600


The YMCA offers massage and bodywork relieving stress of everyday life. It relaxes the mind body and soul. Massage can make you feel better physically and emotionally. Massage is also known to promote better sleep, improve concentration, reduce anxiety and create an overall sense of well being. Please refer to branch brochures for descriptions and fees.

Swedish Massage ● Pregnancy Massage ● Sports Massage ● Reflexology ● Hot Stone Therapy ● Reiki ● Couples Massage ● Mud Wraps ● Rejuvenating Foot Treatments ● Salt Glow ● Chair Massage

 Silver Sneakers

Enrolling in Silver Sneakers provides for you, at no additional cost by your health plan, to have a membership and access to all classes. You may also use any participating location nationwide. Refer to exercise schedule for class times.

 Martial Arts

Top Kick Karate will focus on self defense, weight control, aerobic conditioning, increased flexibility, stress reduction, better posture and self confidence. Adam White is the Chief Instructor. Martial Arts participants must be YMCA members.

 Junior Fitness

The YMCA offers a training program geared for individuals ages 10-13. After completion of one of the following Jr. Fitness sessions, your 10-11 year old son/daughter will be allowed to use the interactive fitness center and your 12-13 year old son/daughter will be allowed to use all fitness facilities. This class will focus on fundamentals of strength training, cardiovascular training, flexibility, circuit equipment setup, exercise technique, safety measures, spotting techniques, education on muscles trained, and interactive fitness center. Contact your branch for additional information.


Our Mission: To put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.